Family owned and operated, our commercial beef cattle herd is comprised of primarily Angus-Simmental crossbred cows. While we breed the majority of our herd with SimAngus bulls, a select group of cows are crossed on Hereford bulls as well. The cattle graze year round on our ranches, utilizing the native forages in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Amador County year round and on irrigated pastures in the fertile Sacramento Valley in the summer months.

We embrace the value of environmentally friendly farming and ranching methods and conscientious animal health and management procedures to ensure that we produce a product that is as healthy as possible for both the consumer and the land. We take great pride in producing quality beef animals that are all natural, grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free, and humanely managed. Our cattle are part of a forage dependent system and the only grain they receive is from the grasses that have gone to seed in the pasture. Our animals are not administered antibiotics unless ill, at which point they are removed from all-natural production.

Traditional values based on quality, honesty and integrity with an emphasis on quality range stewardship guide us in our production practices. Our goals of managing a viable cattle operation while maintaining a focus on the environment have helped to promote a healthy rangeland as well as preserve the natural beauty and historical heritage of our ranches. The utilization of rotational grazing techniques allows the grazing process of our cattle to invigorate and rejuvenate plant life and promote continued growth. Grazing also helps to reduce the amount of dried weeds and grasses, acting as a natural method of fire control. Our commitment to a well-managed grazing system to improve plant diversity for the benefit of both livestock and wildlife along with the development of water sources has attracted more wildlife to the area.